A Trusted Source for Used Copiers in Toronto & across the province of Ontario

Used Copiers
A Trusted Source for Used Copiers in Toronto and across the province of Ontario.

Off-lease multifunctional copiers/printers available for purchase or lease. Excellent condition, highly reliable machines with durable components expected to last. All machines have been rigorously inspected and are backed by our guarantees.

We Buy Used Canadian Copiers Wholesale For Cash
If you are a copier dealer looking for some used copiers to supplement your product line, check out our inventory online as we update it daily. WeBuyUsedCopiers.ca gets in over 150 copier machines each day and so please stop by our website daily to see if we have what you’re looking for. Another option is to have our sales staff keep a lookout for the new arrivals for you and when they arrive we will contact you. However, the most efficient option is to have daily updates of our inventory emailed to you daily, or go here and download our latest copier inventory.

We Buy & Sell Used Canadian Copiers
If you have some used copiers in your warehouse that you want to sell for cash, then please send us an email with your list attached. Even though we purchase over 1,500 copiers every month most of our copiers come from our leasing partners and then we sell to you.

Each copier that arrives at WeBuyUsedCopiers.ca is inspected by one of our onsite technicians. Our detailed inspections provide you with the condition of the copier you will be purchasing including the condition, meter readings, accessories installed on you copier and more. All our used copiers are sold “as-is” with no warranty. We expect you to replace consumables and refurbish the copier prior to having it installed at the end user’s location.

WeBuyUsedCopiers.ca markets our copier inventory in Canada with honesty, care and fastidiousness. We work hard with our current copier dealers and exporters to make sure that their used copier buying experience is unwavering and straightforward.