Do you have a copier you want to SELL?

We pay cashDo you have a copier you want to SELL, or do you know a company that may be going out of business? We will give you CASH for your used copiers and handle the transportation for you! We aim to purchase large office copy machines in bulk or by the lot, and as a trusted supplier and veteran to the business, we guarantee to give you top dollar for your equipment. Fill out your used copiers information here, and a member of our staff will contact you soon.

Do you know a company that is just getting started or planning to expand? Refer them to Town Business Center and direct them to view our vast selection of inventory.

We can provide high quality at a low price, and by speaking with one of our agents, we can customize an order for you or answer any of your questions at any time!

We can help with a wide range of products:

  • Black & White Copiers
  • Color Copiers
  • Multifunction Printers
  • Wide-Format & Commercial Printers

The substantial price of new copiers inspires many businesses to consider buying pre-owner or used copiers. Often used copiers can be a smart choice for your business. Properly overhauled used copiers can be a responsible purchase for your office for years to come.


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We Purchase Used Copiers Models,
Used Sharp Copier Models, AR-160, AR-161, AR-168D, AR-168N, AR-200, AR-205, AR-208D, AR-208S, AR-235, AR-275, AR-287, AR-337, AR-407, AR-507, AR-5316, AR-BC260, AR-BC320, AR-C200P, AR-C240P, AR-C260, AR-C260M, AR-C260P, AR-C265P, AR-M160, AR-M162, AR-M205, AR-M207, AR-M208, AR-M208N, AR-M237, AR-M257, AR-M277, AR-M280N, AR-M280U, AR-M317, AR-M350, AR-M350N, AR-M350U, AR-M355N, AR-M355U, AR-M450, AR-M450N, AR-M450U, AR-M455N, AR-M455U, AR-M550U, AR-M620N, AR-M620U, AR-M700N, AR-M700U, AR-N275, AR-P350, AR-P350N, AR-P450, AR-P450N, AR-PE3, DX-B350P, DX-B450P, DX-C310, DX-C311, DX-C400, DX-C401, FO-DC500, FO-DC550, FO-DC600, FO-IS125N, MX-2300N, MX-2600N, MX-2700N, MX-3100N, MX-3500N, MX-3501N, MX-4100N, MX-4101N, MX-4501N, MX-5001N, MX-5500N, MX-6200N, MX-6201N, MX-7000N, MX-7001N, MX-C311, MX-C401, MX-M1100, MX-M350N, MX-M350U, MX-M450N, MX-M450U, MX-M550U, MX-M620N, MX-M620U, MX-M700N, MX-M700U, MX-M850, MX-M950, MX-PEX2, MX-PEX3.

Used Canon Copier Models, IR-1330, IR-1370, IR-1600, IR-1670, IR-2016, IR-2018, IR-2018i, IR-2025i, IR-2030i, IR-2200, IR-2220i, IR-2230, IR-2270, IR-2380i, IR-2570i, IR-2800, IR-2830, IR-330, IR-3025, IR-3030, IR-3045, IR-3225, IR-3230, IR-3245, IR-3245i, IR-3300, IR-3300e, IR-3300en, R-3380i, IR-3530, IR-3570, IR-400, IR-400v, IR-4570, IR-5000, IR-5000i, IR-5020, IR-5020i, IR-5050, IR-5070, IR-550, IR-5570, IR-600, IR-600v, IR-6000, IR-602, IR-6020i, IR-6570, IR-7086, IR-7105, IR-7200, IR-8070, IR-8500, IR-9070, IR-105, IR-110, IRC-1022, IRC-1022i, IRC-2550, IRC-2880, IRC-3080, IRC-3080i, IRC-3200, IRC-3380i, IRC-3480, IRC-3480i, IRC-4080, IRC-4080i, IRC-4580, IRC-5185, IRC-6800, CLC-1120, CLC-1140, CLC-1150, CLC-1180, CLC-3100, CLC-3900, CLC-5000.

Used Xerox Copier Models, 1632, 212, 214, 2240, 3001, 3050, 5009, 5201, 5317, 5328, 5340, 5614, 5915, 7004, 7210, ColorSeries 50, Digital BookMark, DocuColor 12, DocuColor 1632, DocuColor 2006, DocuColor 2045, DocuColor 2060, DocuColor 2240, DocuColor 240/250, DocuColor 40 Pro, DocuColor 5750, DocuColor 5790, DocuColor 5799, Document Centre 535MS, Document Centre 545MS, Document Centre 555MS, Document WorkCentre XD102, Document WorkCentre XE60, Document WorkCentre XE82, DocumentCentre 220ST, DocumentCentre 230, DocumentCentre 230ST, DocumentCentre 240ST, DocumentCentre 255, DocumentCentre 255ST, DocumentCentre 265, DocumentCentre 265ST, DocumentCentre 332ST, DocumentCentre 340ST, DocumentCentre 420ST, DocumentCentre 425ST, DocumentCentre 432ST, DocumentCentre 440ST, DocumentCentre 460ST, DocumentCentre 470ST, DocumentCentre 480ST, DocumentCentre 490ST, WorkCentre 312, WorkCentre 385, WorkCentre 390, WorkCentre 415 CP, WorkCentre M15, WorkCentre M15i, WorkCentre PE16, WorkCentre PE16, WorkCentre Pro 16fx, WorkCentre Pro 315, WorkCentre Pro 320, WorkCentre Pro 412, WorkCentre Pro 415 DP, WorkCentre Pro 416, WorkCentre Pro 416DC, WorkCentre Pro 416Pi, WorkCentre Pro 416Si, WorkCentre Pro 420, WorkCentre XD120F, WorkCentre XK 35C, XC-355.

Used Ricoh Copier Models, AF-551, Aficio 700, Aficio 1022, Aficio 1027, Aficio 1035, Aficio 1045, Aficio 1055, Aficio 1060, Aficio 1075, Aficio 1085, Aficio 1515, Aficio 2022, Aficio 2027, Aficio 2035, Aficio 2045, Aficio MP 161, Aficio MP 1600L, Aficio MP 1600, Aficio MP 2000L, Aficio MP 2000, Aficio MP 2500, Aficio MP 2510, Aficio MP 2550, Aficio MP 3010, Aficio MP 3350, Aficio MP 3500, Aficio MP 4000, Aficio MP 4500, Aficio MP 5000, Aficio MP 5500, Aficio MP 6000, Aficio MP 6500, Aficio MP 7000, Aficio MP 7500, Aficio MP 8000, Aficio MP 9000, AC205, AC205L, Aficio MP1100, Aficio MP 1350, Ricoh Pro 906EX, Ricoh Pro 1106EX, Ricoh Pro 1356EX, Aficio 2016, Aficio 2018, Aficio 2020D, Aficio 3025, Aficio 3030, Aficio 3035, Aficio 3045, Aficio SP 1000SF, Aficio SP 3200SF, Aficio SP 4100SF, Aficio SP 4110SF, Aficio 615C, Aficio MP C2000, Aficio MP C2030, Aficio MP C2050, Aficio SP C222SF, Aficio MP C2500, Aficio MP C2500 EFI, Aficio MP C2550, Aficio MP C2800, Aficio MP C3000, Aficio MP C3300, Aficio MP C3500, Aficio MP C3500 EFI, Aficio MP C4000, Aficio MP C4500, Aficio MP C4500 EFI, Aficio MP C5000, Aficio 5560, Aficio MP C6000, Aficio MP C7500.

Used Toshiba Copier Models, 1570, 1870F, DP1250, DP1450, DP2570, DP3580, DP4580, DP5570, DP6570, DP8070, E-Studio 1050, E-Studio 1101, E-Studio 120, E-Studio 1351, E-Studio 150, E-Studio 16, E-Studio 160, E-Studio 161, E-Studio 162, E-Studio 162D, E-Studio 163, E-Studio 165, E-Studio 167, E-Studio 20, E-Studio 200, E-Studio 200L, E-Studio 202L, E-Studio 202S, E-Studio 203L, E-Studio 203S, E-Studio 203SD, E-Studio 205, E-Studio 207, E-Studio 230, E-Studio 232, E-Studio 233, E-Studio 237, E-Studio 25, E-Studio 250, E-Studio 28, E-Studio 280, E-Studio 282, E-Studio 283, E-Studio 35, E-Studio 350, E-Studio 3511, E-Studio 352, E-Studio 353, E-Studio 45, E-Studio 450, E-Studio 4511, E-Studio 452, E-Studio 453, E-Studio 520, E-Studio 523, E-Studio 55, E-Studio 550, E-Studio 600, E-Studio 603, E-Studio 65, E-Studio 650, E-Studio 720, E-Studio 723, E-Studio 80, E-Studio 810, E-Studio 850, E-Studio 853, E-Studio 900, E-Studio 901, E-Studio 2100C, E-Studio 210C, E-Studio 211C, E-Studio 2330C, E-Studio 2500C, E-Studio 281C, E-Studio 351C, E-Studio 2830C, E-Studio 3100C, E-Studio 310C, E-Studio 311C, E-Studio 3500C, E-Studio 351C, E-Studio 3510C, E-Studio 3530C, E-Studio 4500C, E-Studio 451C, E-Studio 4520C, E-Studio 5500C, E-Studio 5520C, E-Studio 5530C, E-Studio 6520C, E-Studio 6530C, E-Studio 7030C.

Used Panasonic Copier Models, DP-8060, DP-2000, DP-2500, DP-3000, DP-3520, DP-4520, DP-6020, DP-7240, DP-8540, FP-D605, FP-D455, FP-D355, FP-D305, DP-190, DP-2330, DP-3030, DP-130, DP-135, DP-150, DP-2310, DP-3010, DP-3530, DP-4530, DP-6030, DP-C262, DP-C265, DP-C322, DP-C305, DP-C405.

Used Konica Minolta Copier Models, 7020, 7022, 7025, 7030, 7033, 7035, 7040, 7045, 7055, 7060, 7065, 7075, 7085, 7115, 7118, 7130, 7135, 7145, 7150, 7155, 7165, 7216, 7218, 7222, 7228, 7235, 7255, 7272, 7415, 7115f, 7118f, bizhub 160, bizhub 161f, bizhub 180, bizhub 200, bizhub 250, bizhub 350, bizhub 360, bizhub 420, bizhub 500, bizhub 600, bizhub 750, bizhub PRO 1050, bizhub PRO 1050e, bizhub PRO 1050eP, bizhub PRO 1050P, bizhub PRO 920, Di151, Di151F, Di152, Di152f, Di1610, Di1610fp, Di1610p, Di181, Di1811p, Di183, Di183f, Di200, Di200f, Di2010, Di2010f, Di250, Di250f, Di251, Di2510, Di2510f, Di251f, Di3010, Di3010f, Di350, Di350f, Di351, Di3510, Di3510f, Di351f, Di450, Di470, Di520, Di550, Di551, Di5510, Di620, Di620PE, Di650, Di7210, Di750, Di750PE, Di850, EP1030, EP1030F, EP1031, EP1031F, EP1070, EP1085, EP2030, EP3000, EP4000, EP5000, EP5050, EP6001, EP8015, Force 50, Force 60, Force 65, Force 75, Force 85, 7812, 7820, 7821, 7823, 7830, 7832, 7915, 7920, 8020, 8031, 8050, 9020, bizhub C250, bizhub C250P, bizhub C252, bizhub C252P, bizhub C300, bizhub C350, bizhub C351, bizhub C352, bizhub C352P, bizhub C450, bizhub C450P, bizhub C451, bizhub C550, bizhub C650, bizhub Pro C500, bizhub Pro C6500, bizhub Pro C6500P, CF1501, CF2001, CF2001P, CF2001PE, CF2002, CF2002 Printer, CF3102, CF3102 Printer, CF5001, CF9001, CF910, CF911P, CF911PE, Fiery S300, Force Color.

Used Kyocera Mita Models, KM-8030, KM-6030, KM-5050, KM-4050, KM-3060, KM-3040, KM-2560, KM-2540, KM-2050, KM-1820, KM-1650, KMC-4035E, KMC-3232E, KMC-3225E, KMC-2525E.

Used KIP Wide Format Models, KIP Starprint 2000, KIP Starprint 2900, KIP Starprint 2950, KIP Starprint 3000, KIP Starprint 3100, KIP Starprint 4000, KIP Starprint 5000, KIP Starprint 5200, KIP Starprint 6000, KIP Starprint 6052, KIP Starprint 6054, KIP Starprint 7000, KIP Starprint 8000, KIP Starprint 9000, KIP Starprint 9200.


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